If there’s one plumbing fixture that you need to be able to rely on, it’s your toilet.

There are many different plumbing fixtures in your home, and while you rely on all of them, if your toilet isn’t in working order, it can quickly create serious issues. When there’s a problem with your toilet, it’s important that you know how to handle it — whether that means fixing the problem yourself or hiring a professional to take care of it for you. Here are a few of the most common toilet problems, and what you can do to handle them:

#1. Your toilet is clogged.

Clogs are, far and away, the most common toilet issue people deal with. Knowing how to plunge your toilet properly, as well as what plunger you should use, is important for fixing clogs that can occasionally occur. However, if a clog is serious, you may need to hire a plumber. Plumbers have professional tools, like closet augers, that can help to clear even the nastiest clogs. Plumbers also have lots of experience and knowledge, and they know lots of tricks to get rid of clogs safely and quickly.

#2. Your toilet randomly refills.

Has your toilet been spontaneously refilling itself, like it does when someone flushes it? This is called a phantom flush, and it’s often caused by a leak in the bowl, which is usually the result or a bad flapper seat or flapper. In order to fix the phantom flushes, you’ll need to drain the bowl and tank, clean the flapper seat and replace the flapper if necessary. While this problem could be corrected on your own if you know how, if you are uncertain of how to safely complete it, then you’d be better off calling in a professional.

#3. Your toilet’s flush is weak.

When you flush your toilet, does the bowl empty extremely slowly and seem weak? There are tiny holes located under the rim of the toilet bowl, and over time, these holes can get clogged, making the flush weak. Using a straightened wire hanger, you can pick out the debris in those holes and strengthen your toilet’s flush. However, you’ll need to be incredibly careful because porcelain can easily be scratched. Another thing that could be causing a weak flush is a clogged siphon jet, which can also be cleared very carefully with a wire hanger. As we mentioned, it’s incredibly easy to make mistakes doing this on your own, so it might be best to leave it up to a professional.

#4. Your toilet isn’t flushing at all.

When nothing happens after you push the handle of your toilet, the first thing you should do is to lift the lid of your toilet’s tank. In most cases, when the toilet won’t flush, it means that lift chain, which is attached to the flapper, has become disconnected. Luckily, this can be easily reattached in no time. A couple of other reasons why your toilet won’t flush could include a too-low water level in the tank or a warped or bent flapper. Don’t hesitate to call in a plumber if you are unable to get your toilet to flush again on your own.

Let us handle any and all toilet problems that come your way.

Toilets are the most necessary plumbing fixture in any home, but as you can see, there are many toilet problems that you could experience. Knowing how to handle common toilet problems is key to getting your toilet in working order quickly and effectively. If you’re facing a toilet problem you can’t solve on your own, schedule your appointment with our 24-hour plumbing in Chino at Complete Plumbing and Rooter. Be sure to stay tuned for our next blog to learn how to fix more common toilet problems.