All kinds of problems can occur with your plumbing system, but how do you know if you should call in an emergency plumber or not?

When it comes to your plumbing, there is no shortage of problems that can come up. Unfortunately, plumbing problems rarely occur during business hours, but having to call in an emergency plumber in the middle of the night can be pricey. No one wants to have to call in an emergency plumber unnecessarily, but it’s essential to do so when you have a true plumbing emergency on your hands. But how do you know if a plumbing emergency is really an emergency?

Can you wait to get repairs?

The most important question to ask yourself when determining if you have an emergency on your hands or not is, “Can it wait?” Some plumbing problems may be inconvenient or annoying, but the world won’t end if you wait until regular business hours to get them fixed. However, other plumbing problems, like broken pipes, gas leaks and sewage backups, can cause a lot of damage to your home, and put your safety at risk, if you don’t get them repaired right away. These “can’t wait” problems are true emergencies, and it’s essential to get them taken care of as soon as you can.

Can you fix the problem yourself?

Another thing to consider when determining if the problem you are experiencing is really a plumbing emergency is if you can fix it yourself or not. There are many minor, plumbing problems, like clogs, that you can probably tackle on your own. But in a true plumbing emergency, the problem will likely be out of your hands. In most cases, you’ll want to call your local, 24-hour plumber to handle the problem, but if you have water supply issues or gas line issues, you may have to call your utility company.

What can you do when a plumbing emergency occurs?

Knowing how to recognize a true plumbing emergency is important, but it’s also essential to know how to react when one of these emergencies comes up. Most plumbing emergencies involve a lot of water, and you’ll need to know how to locate and operate the water shutoff valves in your home in order to minimize the damage. However, if the emergency has anything to do with the gas line in your home, you should leave your home immediately and call in a plumber or your gas company. Gas leaks can be deadly, and you should NEVER try to handle them on your own. Once you’ve either reached a safe place or turned off the water in your home, call in a 24-hour plumber.


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