1. Common Garbage Disposal Problems

    Garbage disposals are a wonderful thing. They help dispose of waste, like uneaten food, by shredding it into small pieces which makes it easier to pass through the drain pipe. While garbage disposals have certainly made our lives easier, one thing is for sure, when they aren’t working properly, garbage disposals can be extremely frustrating and annoying. Garbage disposals, like all other applian…Read More

  2. Signs of a Gas Leak

    Natural gas is a resource that we use to fuel a large majority of the appliances in our households and businesses, like water heaters, furnaces, or even gas stoves. Without natural gas, these appliances would be unable to operate properly and efficiently. In addition, gas is a totally irreplaceable element in our lives, since it is used so often and is very resourceful. However, as important as ga…Read More

  3. Plumbing To Check Before Purchasing A Home

    Purchasing a home is a big step in life and it can be a stressful and expensive endeavor for anyone. While there are many steps included in the home buying process, one of the most important stages is inspecting the house. The last thing you need after investing money into a home is to find a issue or problem with it. That being said, it is important to perform a thorough and detailed inspection b…Read More

  4. Items You Should Never Flush Down a Toilet

    Perhaps the king of plumbing problems, a clogged toilet may be the most common and most annoying. It is in a homeowner’s best interest to limit clogs and sewer problems, as they can ruin a room and be expensive to fix. Plus, nobody wants to deal with sewage waste all over their bathroom floor – yuck! The Cause of Clogged Toilets Did you know that toilets in the United States clog more than mos…Read More

  5. A Guide To Common Apartment Plumbing Problems

    No matter what, it seems that at some point in our lives we will eventually be faced with a plumbing problem. Most people don’t even think about plumbing until they are homeowners. However, what about renters?  Moving into an apartment is an exciting time — whether you’re still in college or just recently graduated — there is so much going on that plumbing is not on your list of prioritie…Read More

  6. A Beginner’s Guide to Proper Garbage Disposal Care

    Do you remember the days when we were constantly filling our kitchen trash cans with food waste? And, remember when that waste would rot and stink up the whole kitchen? If it wasn’t for garbage disposals, many of us would still be dealing with this issue. A garbage disposal is a great and effective way to handle common food waste in the kitchen. Disposals shred up waste, like uneaten food, into …Read More

  7. Signs That You Need a Sewer Drain Cleaning

    As a homeowner, there is a lot that goes into looking after your home. In addition to making the interior and exterior look good, it’s important to take care of the what’s below the surface as well. One of the most important things homeowners need to look after and take care of is their plumbing — and recognizing the signs of a clogged drain is crucial to ensuring your plumbing system stays …Read More

  8. Common Signs You May Have A Hidden Leak

    A hidden leak can potentially waste thousands of gallons of water per year and cause costly damages to walls, floors, and other building structures. Often times, leaks are hidden and not always easy to pinpoint. Plumbing in homes and businesses usually goes deep in the walls and winds out of sight. However, keeping an eye out for certain signs can help you detect possible leaks in your home or bus…Read More

  9. What Makes a Plumbing Emergency an Emergency?

    All kinds of problems can occur with your plumbing system, but how do you know if you should call in an emergency plumber or not? When it comes to your plumbing, there is no shortage of problems that can come up. Unfortunately, plumbing problems rarely occur during business hours, but having to call in an emergency plumber in the middle of the night can be pricey. No one wants to have to call in a…Read More

  10. How to Handle Common Toilet Problems Part 2

    Don't let common toilet problems leave you with a toilet that is out of commission! The last thing that anyone wants is to really need to go when there's no working toilet. We all rely on our toilets each and every day, but because they get so much use, it's not uncommon for toilet problems to occur every once in a while. Here at Complete Plumbing and Rooter, we are proud to be your go-to plumber …Read More