A hidden leak can potentially waste thousands of gallons of water per year and cause costly damages to walls, floors, and other building structures. Often times, leaks are hidden and not always easy to pinpoint. Plumbing in homes and businesses usually goes deep in the walls and winds out of sight. However, keeping an eye out for certain signs can help you detect possible leaks in your home or business, allowing you to take action before there are costly damages and repairs.

Signs of a Hidden Leak

There are many different signs that would allow you to detect that there may be a leak in your residential or commercial property. Although some problems seem minimal, they should not be ignored. Leaving leaks unattended can end up leading to some serious damages, so if you detect a leak, be sure to seek professional help immediately. Let’s take a look at the most common signs of a hidden leak:

Spike in water bill

If you notice a significant increase in your water bill, your home or business may have a leak. This is probably one of the most common signs of hidden leaks. Be sure to consider possible reasoning for a higher bill, but if there is no explanation for the sudden increase in the amount due, you may want to consider calling a professional to inspect the plumbing.

Low water pressure

Sometimes, leaks cause water pressure to drop by a noticeable amount. If you notice a significantly lower water pressure in a faucet, shower, or even a hose, it may be because the plumbing has a leak. Noticing a decreased water pressure throughout your home or business may be a damaged water main instead of a leak in a specific area.

Hearing running water

This one is fairly self-explanatory. If you hear the sound of running water in your home or business that hasn’t been there before, and no appliances that use water are currently running, then you most likely have a leak. If a leak is causing a lot of excess water to begin to pool up, it can cause serious damages.

Mold and Mildew

Plumbing leaks create the damp environment that is perfect for the formation of mold. Areas that are affected by leaks can sometimes begin to grow mold in visible areas, like walls, floors, and ceilings. Even if mold is not visible, you can detect a mold problem if your home or business has a mold or mildew smell (it isn’t hard to miss). Having a mold problem not only has an impact on your home or business but to your health as well. Mold growth can cause serious health problems, especially for those who have allergies, asthma, or other sensitivities.

Wall deformation

If you notice a deformation in your walls, this could be a sign of a leak that needs repair. If a wall is affected by a leak, the water in the walls can cause paint and wallpaper near the area to bubble, blister, or peel. If you notice any type of deformation in the walls of your home or business, be sure to find help immediately before matters become worse! There can also be wall damages taking place that are not visible, especially if the walls are warped. Deformation in wooden walls is especially hard to notice because the damage is usually faint. If your home or business has drywall that develops soft spots, cracks or bubbles over time, it could be because the area has been exposed to moisture caused by a leak.

Discolored Patches and Wet Spots

Leaks can eventually cause rings, stains, dark spots, and other appearance changes on the ceiling and walls throughout your residential or commercial property. In most cases, leaks will cause stains that are often yellowish in color. In addition, leaks can cause damp or wet spots to form on your ceiling and walls. Often times, wet spots can cause the floor, or other parts of your home or business, to sag. Wet spots can lead to significant water damage to your property and can result in costly repairs.

When in doubt, check the meter

Perhaps the simplest way to detect a water leak is to turn off all appliances in a home or business that use water. Once everything is off, locate your water meter. If the meter is still clearly running, that’s an indicator that there is still water leaving the system meaning that chances are there is a leak somewhere and you should contact an experienced plumbing professional to schedule a repair.

Call the plumbing professionals

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